Welcome to our site, I'm Dennis Knick owner & founder of Polly’s Pet Products. 
My wife & I have enjoyed a life-long love of pet birds. About 30 years ago,
our original effort was to raise & sell exotic pet birds. One branch of our
efforts involved developing a unique perch that would wear down our bird's nails
as it occurs in the wild. With the assistance & advice of Dr. Bran Ritchie,
veterinarian, & professor at the University of Georgia, I developed a perch
that would naturally wear down a bird's nails but would not harm the bird's feet.  We started selling these perches along with the baby birds
and eventually to other bird breeders. 
Fast forward to 2023 and our product line has grown to over 250


All of Polly’s perches, swings, stands and toys are made in the USA and should not be compared to those cheaper goods being imported from other countries.  We have been using the same veterinary (Dr. Bran Ritchie, UGA) approved formula for over 34 years to trim your birds’ nails safely and effectively.    However, since our patent expired, others have tried to imitate our products with unsafe and cheaper materials.  Please be sure your product tag has the "Polly’s" name!  Don’t be fooled by imitations.