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Cholla Cactus Wood Perch

Cholla Cactus Wood Perch

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Give your feathered friends a piece of the wild with these Cholla Cactus Wood Perches! They're made from natural, real sundried cactus wood, so your bird can perch in style. Don't miss out—these are one-of-a-kind! (Plus, they look great when you post pictures of your birdie with them.)  We heat treat them then add bird safe hardware to attach to the cage. 

-Small is 6 in. long x 1.5 in. and recommended for Parakeets, Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, and other smaller birds

-Medium is 9 in. long x 1.5 in. and great for Amazons, Greys, Eclectus, and other medium size birds

-Large is 12" x 2"or 2.5" and great for large birds such as Blue & Golds, Green Wings, Moluccan Cockatoos, Hyacinths and more!  

-All natural real wood so diameter will vary.

-Made in USA~Bonaire, GA

-Custom orders available by calling 1-888-POLLYS1 (765-5971)

-2 Washers and a wing nut to attach to cage ~Bird safe as usual from Polly's

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Customer Reviews

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Jimmy J
Pretty perch

So cool with the holes. Says it's heat treated which we l iked