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Polly's Pet Products, Inc.

Polly's Window/Shower Perch~Sandy Large

Polly's Window/Shower Perch~Sandy Large

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Parrots from the tropical rainforest spend half of their time grooming and bathing, the other half is spent foraging for food.  Dennis Knick, avid bird enthusiast and owner of Polly's Pet Products, Inc., was inspired to create a product that could turn the average shower into a tropical rainforest paradise.  Showers are an important and healthy part of a bird’s daily activity.  Polly’s Window/Shower perch can give your bird the thrill of the tropical rainforest right in your shower.

By attaching the Window/ Shower perch to a window, your bird will benefit from the wonders of natural sun light.  This also allows the bird to enjoy watching outdoor activities or nature viewing while sunbathing. Natural sun light is essential for your bird’s well-being. 

Other uses of this perch are travel, on the mirror, in the kitchen, watching TV, at the office or any area with a smooth, non-porous surface.  It is designed in two sizes with oversized suction cups for super strong mounting; textured surface provides excellent grip even while wet, and Polly’s Window/ Shower perch even folds out of the way when not in use!


-Large is recommended for Amazons, African Greys, Macaws such as Blue & Golds, Large Cockatoos, and other large birds

- 12" wide x 22" long x 1.5" diameter

-Showers are important for shiny, healthy feathers

-Attach to window for outdoor activity viewing

-Made in Bonaire Georgia

-Trims nails!

-Textured surface provides excellent grip even when wet

-Oversized suction cups for super strong mounting

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